The System of Systems  
5th – 21st May 2017
Grace – Filadelfias 2 & Liossion, Athens, Greece

The System of Systems was a group exhibition featuring projects by artists, designers, academics, and activists, working across a range of mediums, concerned with how political powers are using technologies in bureaucratic systems to determine the fate of asylum seekers in Europe.

Curated by Rebecca Glyn-Blanco, Maria McLintock and Danae Papazymouri.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan
James Bridle
Design Unlikely Futures
Melanie Friend
Eugenio Grosso
Ayesha Hameed
Thomas Keenan & 
Sohrab Mohebbi

Danae Papazymouri & 
Rebecca Glyn-Blanco
Nana Varveropoulou